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Pokemon Platinum Mining Museum Code

pokemon platinum usa action replay official code list,  2) hold startselect, move through all the pages of the summary. 3) let go of startselect. 4) exit summary screen. 5) go to the current stats for the pokemon (in the summary) 6) enjoy. platinum iv check code, tm bag. 920748f0 0000e119. 120748f2 00009800. 120748f4 code for shiny pokemon on pokemon platinum,ar code for shiny pokemon on pokemon platinum. this page contains pokemon platinum, q&a, questions and answesr cheatsguru, page 2. pokemon platinum q&a [ nds for all of these codes press lr at the same time then go to the mining museum and talk to the guy who restores pokemon fossils and he will give you one of these (use one at a time) p .

Pokemon Platinum Version Q&A

if you want those pokemon, you can get most of them in the mining museum. there's a code for everything single one at any pokemon, you get out of there will not be tradeable, but they are added to the pokedex. i'm not sure if the shiny works on the pokemon from the museum. i will check and post a second message saying if it works.

Amazon.Com Pokemon Platinum Video Games

  product description. pokmon platinum features a new story full of adventure, never-before-seen forms of powerful pokmon--including the legendary giratinas origin forme--and the distortion world, a mysterious new world that suddenly appears in the sinnoh region. in addition, with pokmon platinum up to 20 players can interact with other

Pokemon Mega Light Platinum Cheats

  this is one of those pokemon mega light platinum cheats that can have some bugs. due to the fact that this is a rom hack, some codes may not work or will give you a different pokemon but a lot of these do work. pokemon codes. 001 bulbasaur. 39e924c4 4136a9dd. ad86124f 2823d8da. 002 ivysaur. 39e924c4 4136a9dd.

Pokemon Action Replay Codes

  this is tested and proven to work. first input this code as a new code on your action replay. 921ed410 00004281 121ed410 00004289 d2000000 00000000 now start the game with this code activated. put your egg in your party. now hold down lr and take a

Master Balls On Pokemon Platinum Nintendo Ds Message Board

  i know for a fact that the mining museum code for diamond does not work for platinum because when i generated it with platinums version of pokesav the numbers in one of the lines were totaly different than in the diamond mining museum code. it may not be true but i think we would all rather be safe than sorry.

Pokemon Platinum (U) Action Replay Code

  hi i just statet playing pokemon platinum(e) yesterday using a desmume emulator ver.0.9.4 and i cant get to use the ar codes can some one mail me some codes for ar and unlike gba pokemon games does that need a master code?

How To Get Pokemon In The Mining Museum What To Click

pokemon platinum mining museum jun 21, 2009 wheres the mining museum in pokemon platinum (was there already but forgot what city it was in ) pokemon eclipse rpg this is an online pokmon rpg with numerous unique features. you can search for powerful pokmon, build your dream team, and fight against the creator of the region of apholite

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Mining Museum Pokemon

  platinum: pokemon platinum mining museum pokemon modifier cheats. pokemon platinum version (usa/europe): mining museum pokemon modifier code (press select) 94000130 fffb0000 621bf65c 00000000 b21bf65c 00000000 10000e8a 00000xxx d2000000 00000000. pokemon - version platine (france):

Official Action Replay Board (Us Codes)

hey was curious is there a mining museum code that actually works? cuz well the following code all pokemon (all lvl.20) 94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 10001170 0000xxxx d2000000 00000000 doesn't work..least when i try to use it it doesn't work..can someone post working one or another code to get any pokemon?

Any Pokemon In Mining Museum Action Replay Codes For

press lr simutaneously to activate, and than talk to the fossil guy in the mining museum and he'll give you the pokemon from the code. more codes for this game on our pokemon platinum action replay codes index. region: unspecified. 94000130 fcff0000. b2101d40 00000000.

Pokemon Platinum Any Pokemon From Mining Museum

  what is the list of pokemon platinum pokemon codes for the mining museum. by guest 3409 in forum guests replies: 0 last post: 04-25-2010, 08:34 am. pokemon platinum action replay code for any pokemon in mining museum. by guest 1244 in forum guests replies: 0

Cheat Codes For Pokemon Platinum (Uk/Aus.) On Nintendo Ds

credits: cheat code crew @ gbatemp & codejunkies. max cash (press lr) 94000130 fcff0000. 62101d40 00000000. b2101d40 00000000. 00000090 000f423f. d2000000 00000000. max coins (press lr) 94000130 fcff0000.

Pokemon Action Replay Codes

  i use this code, but i use a different code for platinum. enjoy. walls don't crumble while mining [north america] you have to hold l, while mining. 94000130 fdff0000 62251380 00000000 b2251380 00000000 200009e7 000000ff d2000000 00000000 on verified by: benedict, ezlo254241 submitted by: takeshi677 on march 04, 2008

Pokemon Platinum Mining Museum Action Replay Codes

any pokemon in mining museum action replay codes for. any pokemon in mining museum action replay code for pokemon platinum. print this kimimaru583 posted: jun 14th 2009, id332 any pokemon in mining museum. this works exactly like the cheat for diamond and pearl.

Pokemon 10 Sinnoh Locations You Can Visit In The Real World

  oreburgh city appears to represent the former ybari, during the city's prime as a coal mining hotspot in the 1960s. shadows of its old glory, such as the ybari coal mine museum still exist today, although the city's population has declined by an estimated 90.

Mining Museum Platinum Action Replay How To Activate

museum codes.can u get reshiram and zekrom with the mining museum code dsi codes for pokemon pokemon platinum action replay code for zoroark platinum: catchinghow do you activate 100 percent catch rate does reshiram have a 100 percent catch rate? yes a 25.

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough

  pokemon platinum walkthrough part 4-rt. 203 and oreburgh city. once you're done with rival, heal up and head to rt. 203. you'll want a fire type and an electric type for this route, and possibly a ground type. past the first trainer northeast of the entrance to rt.203 is a pokeball on the ledge.

What Are Some Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes?

answer (1 of 12): gochiethere are literally dozens of pokmon platinum action replay codes. these codes only work if you have the action play on your ds. in order to get the maximum amount of cash possible, you press left and right at the same time. the code is: 94000130 fcff0000 62101d40 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 00000000 00000090 000f23f d2000000 00000000.

A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Complete

  2. only catch the first pokemon i see in each area.. dupes clause is active; if i encounter a pokemon i've already caught then i am not allowed to catch it and i lose my catch for the area.. i am allowed to accept and use gift pokemon even if they aren't my first encounter.. shiny clause is active. 3. nickname every pokemon. they're your friends 4.

Completed Pokmon Empyrean V1.1 ( Final Arc Released

  currently: pokemon gen i-v have gen v movesets there is no way to get hidden abilities this is now possible in v0.5.2 with the use of dream candies in the next update, v0.5.1, that i hope to release on sunday, there will be: mega evolutions gen 7 pokemon (including starter options, so there will be 21 starters to choose from)

Pokemon Platinum Cheats Action Replay Codes For Nds

  also check: pokemon ds rom hacks. recommended nintendo ds emulators if youre playing pokemon platinum on pc, there are several good ds emulators for pc available and the one i can recommend is desmume. on the other hand, for mobile devices running android, i highly recommend using drastic ds emulator.while for mac users, theres only one and the best emulator for you called

Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes Ds Us-Eu (Ar

pokmon platinum action replay codes works only with action replay device. game platform:nintendo ds pokmon platinum action replay codes ds us-eu (ar) includes:infinate hp,infinate pp,255 repel steps,900x all berries code,900x all medicine code,999999 money,all backgrounds,all badges,all battle items,all battle items/ key items,changes adventure start

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