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Tekkit Quarries Not Working

variable size quarry (now with super ore quarry),  apparently, tekkit legends does not use computercraft, but computercraftedu, which removes several functions related to tables and environments that are essential to many parts of my program. i could make extra logic to implement those functions myself, but i don't want to add in all that logic to the main program for everyone, and i don't really to make a specialty version for tekkit .quarry filler and other builcraft machines ignore landmarks marks.,  its not that simple guys, i have had the issue as well. i have placed several quarries, set up landmark, right clicked, placed quarry next to landmark (not the red line) and all that. when you set the quarry, the red lines do turn colour, but when you power the.

Minium Stone Recipes 'Not Working'

  tekkit lite - minium stone recipes 'not working'. i tried to use the minium stone to do some transmutation today and found that none of the recipes appeared (at first glance) to work. however if you click on the crafted item box as normal you should still get the item you were trying to make, turns out it's a graphical glitch of some kind.

How To Repair Minecraft Technic Pack Quarry Not Working Tutorial

tekkit legends quarry i just tried this over the weekend. register start a wiki advertisement minecraft technic pack wiki navigation on the wiki wiki activity random page videos images chat community recent blog posts forum add new page add content edit note that if you has set up your quarry underground, the area it will dig out will be quite dark which are ideal for monsters to spawn.

Quarry Frame Not Building?

  0. may 8, 2013. 1. so, i built a quarry. i replicated dw20's design but when i place the quarry next to the landmarks, only a black and yellow frame appears with no bot. i have a video here showcasing the problem. youtube. lec. 475 subscribers.

Solved - White-List Not Working

  my friends tekkit server is not working properly, we've both white-listed ourselves and it doesn't let us on? if anyone can help we'd be very thankful.

Buildcraft Quarry Not Working. Tekxit

moderator of r/tekxit, speaking officially. 1 year ago. don't use kinesis pipes. also throttle the input. last bc update there is a bug that if you give the quarry too much power it will stop working. next update should fix this. 1. level 2. _k3v1nwow_.

Tekkit For Fabric

tekkit was left behind in 1.2.5 by the technic team to start work on tekkit's successor, a modpack built especially for 1.6.4 under the same name. it was then that the original tekkit was given the classic title to make way for the success of the new pack.

Solved Minecraft Tekkit Lan Server

  re: minecraft tekkit lan server. i found out how to fix it. in your launch file you should see this: code: java -xmx4g -xms2g -jar tekkit.jar nogui pause. 'xms' is the initial allocated ram, 'xmx' is the max. just change it to what your computer can handle. plus i had an overfill of ice in a chest. 1 -

Quarry Not Working

  posted february 24, 2012. i downloaded the newest version of tekkit and got my server working started doing some bug tests onn each mod and i think i found one with the buildcraft quarry. the quarry wont mine it will set up the hazard tape but wont build the frame or start mining same with the buildcraft mining well it kinda works if there isnt

Tekkit Classic Reloaded

  description. tekkit classic reloaded (or tcr for short) is essentially a minecraft version port of the classic pack. however, over the years some mods have become obsolete while somewhere else another amazing mod was created. these obsolete mods have been removed and some very popular mods have been added to the bunch with the goal of

Tekkit Legends Servers List

this tekkit legends server list was created to help you find the best servers for your tekkit legend adventure. spent some time and you will surely find one which you soon will never want to quit. notice! new ftb beyond servers are available, now. modded minecraft on minecraft version 1.10.2.

Energy Cube For Quarry Not Working. Tekxit

energy cube for quarry not working. support. i used a basic energy cube connected to a fe consumer connected to an energy bridge connected to an mj energy producer which connected to the quarry via a kinesis pipe, and it worked. however, i upgraded to an advanced energy cube and it stopped working. any ideas why this is?

How To Power A Quarry Tekkit Classic, Quarries Can Be Powered

there are many ways to power the quarry. it can be powered with any type of buildcraft energy directly, with either engines or through conductive pipes . natively, the quarry only accepts buildcraft's mj power, however, through the use of a converter, industrial craft 2 's eu or redpower 2 's blutricity may be used quarries can be powered using

How Many Chunks Do I Need To Keep Loaded To Keep Quarries Working In Buildcraft?

  in my smp world i have large buildcraft quarries operating and i wish to ensure that they keep on operating even when i'm not around. i know that i can use the teleport tether to keep chunks loaded, however i'm not sure how many chunks i need to

Tekkit Lite Quarry, Achievements Tekkit Server List

  some staff members are really arrogant thinking they are the king because of their position and rank in a tekkit lite server xd. but if thats not cringe enough already, the servers gameplay forces you to dupe items if youre not willing to pay hundreds of euros for stolen content, actually this server needs to be sued for scam.

Tekkit Main Wiki

the quarry is an automatic mining machine added by buildcraft. it can dig an area as large as 62x62 (with an area of 64x64 set, and 1 block wide on each edge saved for the quarry's frame) down tobedrock. it will mine any block except for lava, which it will skip. all things mined will be pumped out of the top by the quarry (you can place chests, pipe, or an item tesseract on any face

My Quarry Does Not Dig

  posted march 4, 2014 (edited) on 3/4/2014 at 9:36 am, tonyvs said: walia comes with tekkit 1.6.4 by default. i am not 100 sure but i don't think 2 sterling engine are powerful to actually drive the quarry. waila will confirm that though it will tell you the min power req to start.

Tutorial / Simple Emc Generator

this machine may be nerfed or banned on some servers. check before building on an smp server. you have been warned. the emc generator, also known as a mass-fab macerator, is a great alternative to amassing emc without using energy collectors. it is fully automatic and can use bones or blaze rods as the conversion ingredient. blaze rods have a much higher emc value than bones and so is

Quarry Landmarks = Not Working

  i can't get my to with the landmarks. i've got 4 of them in a square, i'm placing the next to one of the landmarks but the doesn't detect the landmarks. it just creates the black/yellow lines ( boundaries) in the normal size and ignores the landmarks. am i missing

My Tekkit Wont Launch Technicpack

  my tekkit wont start. the launcher comes up and i click launch and it verifys the file then i goes back to the launcher and doesnt launch tekkit itself as a game. i've tried every think in my power to do. i've restarted,reinstalled the tekkit launcher and i've updated

Tekkit Legends Servers Tekkit Server List

  tekkit legends is the 4th tekkit installment, bringing an update to many of the mods and a core update to minecraft 1.7.10. it brings back what most people loved about the original tekkit with many new features.

Tekkit Launcher Not Responding

my tekkit launcher will not respond when it gets to the 'mojang' screen.. i dont think its my texture pack. anyway if there is no solution should i just re-download the launcher and if so could i still have my world that i put huge amounts of effort building?

Quantum Quarry Not Working

  quantum . quantum quarry's are not working on the revelation server. you are able to fill it up with power, however it will not use it. after some research it looks like the cause is to do with the quantum quarry dimension '-9999' either not being loaded, has been incorrectly generated or the quarry is unable to mine there.

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